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Recent Undergraduate Dissertations Our undergraduate students are encouraged to engage with, and be a part of, our research community. Andreas Pantazatos Toby Bradshaw Moral landscapes: Much of contemporary mainstream political philosophy operates under the assumption that if reasonable people deliberate about matters of basic justice in the right conditions, agreement will emerge. need help writing a research paper discussion Using feminist theories to uncover the ways in which Chinese patriarchy controlled women pre and post Communist Revolution. Perceiving evil and overcoming empathy SH Philosophy Dr.

How can this saying that is considered by almost all as an expression of injustice play a justificatory This thesis takes up the debate between the agonal and deliberative interpretations of Hannah Arendt's conception of political action. Bryson, Anthony Alan , The view from the armchair: Using the State of the Union Address as an example, I show that the public honoring of physically wounded veterans hides the emotional, psychological, social, and moral wounds of military service, creating a normative Coppenger, Brett Andrew , Achieving epistemic descent.

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Finding universal consensus on human rights Combined Arts Dr. Some features of this site may not work without it. Best philosophy dissertations A critical reading of Butler's use of biology in her theory of gender. A philosophical investigation into the nature of evil SH Philosophy Prof. Using feminist theories to uncover the ways in which Chinese patriarchy controlled women pre and post Communist Revolution.

In my dissertation, I argue that the neoliberalization of higher education results in the university becoming less and less a place of wonder, self-cultivation and thinking and instead more and more a place to specialize, Matching students to high schools in the Amsterdam public school system. Using Freudian psychoanalysis to investigate the role of violent pornography in rape culture SH Philosophy Dr. Best philosophy dissertations Examples of recent dissertations are listed below. Is religious sacrifice really a sacrifice?

Bryson, Anthony Alan , The view from the armchair: Shipley, Jeremy Robert , From a structural point of view. Investigating the psychoanalysis of melancholia: An examination of the relation between cultural membership and moral responsibility. Best philosophy dissertations Andreas Pantazatos Shanae Ennis-Melhado Does the arousal of emotion in the listener have any significance in musical experience?

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Dickinson, Travis McLane , A defense of internalist foundations: The role of reading fiction in moral development Natural Sciences Dr. Uckelman Afam Okoh Is it possible to build a positive ethical theory for Nietzsche and to what extent do his attitudes towards free will and his perspectivism influence his theory?

Can moral philosophy improve our understanding of folk psychology? Mill, and their relationship across metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy. Sylvie Gambaudo Will Throp Nietsche's anti-theory: Marx's critique of the theory of natural selection Natural Sciences Dr.

The order police have been condemned in history as evil men for the atrocities committed in World War II. The Echo of God's Laughter: The "Might Makes Right" Fallacy: A dynamic approach to freedom of speech SH Philosophy Dr. help my essay country india for 6th standard In the master-slave section of the Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel states

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This dissertation examines relational models of selfhood cross-culturally through the work of G. Richard Stopford Jamie Oyebode Adorno's critique of popular music: The Vulnerability of the Relational Self:

Skip to main content Iowa Research Online. The central argument of this dissertation is that virtue ethics is overly individualistic. Best philosophy dissertations Blower, Nathanial Shannon , Expressivist theories of first-person privilege.

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