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Go downstairs and grab the soda from the fridge you may need to use the hand with CTRL to move items in the fridge around. Use "CTRL" to get the hand function and move items around till you see the whipped cream hidden away behind some packets grab it and give it to Stephanie. the help book essay life of pig Go upstairs, if you see Patrick on the way upstairs talk to him and ask what you can do to help.

Save your game here cause things now get tricky. Go upstairs to the master bedroom bathroom, you will see a blue tube of dye beside the sink, grab it. help with academic writing voice means avoiding casual language I found locking the master bedroom can sometimes glitch the quest for me.

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The first item she will tell you she needs is a credit card, in the room frank is there is a desk with a PC and printer. Ask her to fake text "dance in your bikini", wait for Rachel to finish dancing 60 seconds 3. Help with paper house party Then success you can take your reward. When asking Amy about the next scavenger hunt item tell her to keep her dignity, ask what she is going to do now and say that's great. You can now black mail her.

This part of Amy's quest line is complete. Go talk to Amy about her favourite band then say you don't know a whole lot about them. Help with paper house party Don't ask her for her number. Patrick will drop his bottle of wine. Patrick should return to you soon about being sober ask him to get his phone from Brittney again.

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Say you needed some help and she will appreciate your honesty. Follow the Ashley, Vickie or the Rachel Guide. help write personal statement you Ask Katherine to fake text "get naked and touch herself", go hide in the closet empty room upstairs in the spare room or don't. Go outside on the left you will see some plants, pick the red flower. Ask him about guarding the alcohol all night then ask him about Katherine.

Katherine will then say the internet is back up. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. custom essay writing service toronto canada Go back inside and turn off the speaker on the left hand side of the fireplace.

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On shelves on top of the fireplace there are speakers either side, open the hand with CTRL and grab the speaker on the right side, pull it down. Talk to Derek about Ashley and you will find out she is a stoner. Help with paper house party She will test your endurance then will talk to you again. Your too excited and will need to improve your performance if you are going to romance Vickie. Ask her if she needs anything and she will ask you to get a soda.

Give the chardonnay and merlot to Stephanie. Introduce yourself to Madison. Help with paper house party Go tell Frank and Frank will knock out Patrick.

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