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This will ensure that people who overshoot would be caught. November 21, at 4: Citizen mostly exceed speed limits while riding their personal vehicle in the motorways. thesis statement examples yahoo answers Firstly, coming to improve or save the economic cost by spending on the product which is worth full in daily life.

August 18, at Paraphrasing Practice June 19, by Liz Comments. It's Joey we're looking for Commands imperatives Comparison comparative and superlative Comparison:

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June 20, at 6: Link to this page. Overall band score 8 — excellent!! How many ways can you write this sentence: You must use the words given in the box.

A town is not a city. If they accomplished the above idea ,then we can see the reduction in this problem. Paraphrasing words exercises You're not a member yet.

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I felt I did well on Writing Task 2 but perhaps my graph analysis was rather simple. Watch this free video lesson about writing introductions: Don't just get a pass - get an A!

Large number of peopl, when driving their car, exceed speed limit in urban centers. May 3, at Notify me of follow-up comments by email. help with writing a research paper why does you to challenge June 19, at 1:

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Are you also an English teacher? Kindly provide an effective method to reach my goal and also I would like to do some practice exercise for planning and paraphrasing also, the link provided for paraphrasing practice is not available. I read the list of uncountable nouns. Paraphrasing words exercises How many ways can you write this sentence:

I really thankful to you, if you give me some help to attain my goal. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Paraphrasing words exercises The examiner is marking you on logical — so organise logically. By doing this, citizens will be deterred from driving too fast by the risk of being caught handed out and, consequently, the problem will probably be solved. SS have to rephrase sentences simple past-present perfect, passive voice,reported speech,too-enough,conditionals,

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